Contributions Edit

Here you can find help on adding new content.

New Monster Page Edit

Create the URL through a link on another page or under CONTRIBUTE on your upper right hand side.

  1. Create the page with a name, for example, Elf Commander
  2. Once the page has been successfully created, SAVE the page using the main editor with no edits on the page.
  3. If done correctly the page will display, "no content, click here to add content."
  4. Go to the top of the page and find the drop down menu with "Edit". Select Classic Editor.
  5. The classic editor will load a new page. On the upper right side of the editor, click Source (beside Visual)
  6. In the source simply put {{subst:Monster}}. And save the page.
  7. The monster template will appear premade. Any edits can be carried on.

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