Dreadnaught Edit

Quote: "All canons! Open fire!"
  • Dreadnaught(Normal)
  • Dreadnaught(Elder)
  • Dreadnaught(Master)

Basic Information Edit

  • Rarity: Unique Unique
  • Attribute: Dark Dark
  • Species: Humanoid Humanoid
  • Type: Attack Attack
  • Max Level: 50/75/100
  • Abilities: Critical, Smash, Fireball
  • Leader Bonus: War Cry

Stats Edit

  • Basic Stats
ATK : 4134
DEF : 0
HP  : 4725
  • Max Stats
ATK : 15618
DEF : 297
HP  : 9180


  • A Dreadnought is a heavily armored battleship with multiple high-calibre guns.

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