Finish Move is a monster attack skill. It has the following levels and effects:

  1. When HP is below 30%, attack x2
  2. When HP is below 35%, attack x2
  3. When HP is below 50%, attack x2
  4. When HP is below 55%, attack x2
  5. When HP is below 70%, attack x2

  • Rather than attacking twice, Finish Move is a Skill Attack that doubles your regular attack damage.
  • Finish Move has a unique mechanism. In order to use this skill your Monster needs to attack while its HP is below the specified percentage, this will activate Finish Move but only once. After having used Finish Move once, it will activate every time your Monster attacks when the Tower Monster's HP is below the specified percentage (regardless of your own Monster's HP percentage).
  • Finish Move appears to function differently when used by Tower Monsters. Possibly only activating when all 3 of your Monsters are below the specified percentage and they don't have the one-time activation trigger either.
  • The statement above have been updated, i usually use white dragon with lv5 finish move and the probability is 8 out of 10 attack when reaching the hp threshold so it repeatable like fury