Great Tentacle Edit

Tentacle Monster

Stats Edit

  • Rarity: Unique
  • Attribute: Neutral
  • Species: Wild Beast
  • Type: Normal
  • Max Level: 50
  • ATK: 3078 => 7096
  • DEF: 162 => 358
  • HP: 18975 => 26423
  • Skills: Fake Play
  • Leader Bonus: Outstanding Defense

Great Tentacle [Elder] Edit

Great Tentacle Elder

Stats Edit

Great Tentacle [Master] Edit

  • Please add a picture of this if you can. As long as you can see what it is any quality is fine.

Stats Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tentacle monsters seem to go together with scantily clad women in anime.
  • The monster seems to be grabbing a being that looks similar to the Knight.

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