Here is a UNCOMPLETE list of in-game tips. You may edit or leave a comment to contribute.

[EX] Monsters are summoned at a certain chance, and when they are summoned, the background of the Lab turns red.

Acquire Friendship Points by participating in battle with your friends. Friendship Points can be used for Friendship Gacha.

Additional skills can be acquired with Evolution.

All Monsters can be Reborn, and Reborn Monsters return to level 1 with a high Stat Bonus.

Bonus EXP Points are given when you use the same attribute or species as meterials in Training.

By tapping the top part and the lowest part of the Tower, you can move swiftly between the 1st floor and the top floor.

Field Energy is replenished by 1 point every 3 minutes. Connect to the game frequently to secure resources!

From the [Menu] at the top of the Lab and Field screens, you can check your achievements and also change the game options.

If a friend uses your Leader Monster in battle, you will acquire 10 Friendship Points.

If a Monster's HP is low during battle, use the HP Recovery Potion on the right hand corner to heal the monster.

If you have passed your item possession limit, you will not be able to receive some items from the Gift Box when you select [Receive All].

If you reset the Daily Quests, the Quests in progress will also be gone. Please be careful with the reset!

Sometimes HP Potions or BP Recovery Potions are dropped as battle rewards from regular Towers.

Strong Monsters are summoned at a certain chance, and when they are summoned, the background of the Lab turns red.

Sub Monsters give bonus points according to its status to the Main Monsters, and you can acquire powerful Formation Bonus by positioning the Main-Sub Monsters in a certain combination.

The more friends you have, the more interesting the game gets! Recommend montowers to friends around you!

The number of Battle differs according to the Monster's class in regular Towers. You'll have to fight many times with a high-class Monster, but you'll also get better EXP and rewards.

The Reborn Monsters will be shown inside the game in a very special way.

Train the Monster to the Max Lv., and you can evolve the Monsters to upper classes such as Elder and Master.

Train your Monsters to make them stronger!

Training Material Monsters with very high EXP points appears at Instant Towers!

Try challenging Monsters with high DEF points using Monsters that have [DEF CENCEL] skill!

When you're helping a friend's raid, the first attack does not consume BP.

You can "Rebirth" MASTER Class Monsters, and reborn Monsters inherit a part of the abilities from its predecessor.

You can collect up to 99 Monster Coins and there is also an achievement for it, so try and collect as many as you can!!

You can read about the gameplay from [HELP] under the [MENU] at the Lab.


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