The King Tower is a limited tower that was opened on January 22. The period is four days. Like the Collab tower and Bikini Tower, it is believed it will one day be released as separate towers. The King tower has been closed.

King Tower 2 featured the following rewards for clearing the respective floors:

20: Sea Dragon Princess Monster Coin x1, Light Essence (S) x2, Nature Essence(S) x2, Darkness Essence(S) x2

40: Humanoid Essence (S) x5, Undead Essence (S) x5, Wild Beast Essence (S) x5

70: Essence x (Small)  

80: Snow Queen Monster Coin x1



160: Belial Monster Coin x1

180: Essence 2x (L)

200: Essence 4x (L)

220: Essence 6x (L)

250: Mermaid Princess Monster Coin x1

300: Free Gacha Ticket

350: Lord Dullahan Monster Coin x1

400: Free Gacha Ticket

450: Dwarf Deep Lord Warrior Monster Coin x1

500: Free Gacha Ticket

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