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Here you can find where the Private Raid Bosses are and how much HP they have.

Please note that the Private Raid Bosses follow a own pattern that goes like this. Each Private Raid Boss has its own Range from 1F~20F (for example) but to find a certain Private Raid Boss you must fight a Monster with a certain BP usage to find them.

(Please note that you have only 10% chance to find a Private Raid Boss per fight. (needs confirmation)


T2 = Silent Tower, T3 = Corrupt Tower, T4 = Green Tower, T5 = Beast Tower, T6 = Temptation Tower, T7 = Wisdom Tower, T8 = Ancient Tower

Name Max HP Regular Tower Range BP
Catos 20000 Silent Tower 1F~20F 1F~20F: 1BP
Death Watcher 35000 Silent Tower

1F~20F 21F~40F

1F~20F: 2BP 21F~40F: 1BP
Alchemic Jelly 50000 Silent Tower, Corrupt Tower

T2: 1F~20F 21F~40F

T3: 1F~20F

T2: 1F~20F: 3BP, 21F~40F: 2BP

T3: 1F~20F: 1BP

Hell Puppet 80000 Silent Tower, Corrupt Tower

T2: 21F~40F

T3: 1F~20F 21F~40F

T2: 21F~40F: 3BP

T3: 1F~20F: 2BP, 21F~40F: 1BP

Homunculus 125000 Corrupt Tower 1F~20F 21F~40F 41F~60F 1F~20F: 3BP 21F~40F: 2BP 41F~60F: 1BP
Dragonewt 150000 Corrupt Tower, Green Tower

T3: 21F~40F 41F~60F

T4: 1F~20F

T3: 21F~40F: 3BP, 41F~60F: 2BP

T4: 1F~20F: 1BP

Duelist 200000 Green Tower 1F~20F 21F~50F 1F~20F: 2BP, 21F~50F: 1BP
Ghoulee 250000 Green Tower 21F~50F 51F~80F 21F~50F: 2BP, 51F~80F: 1BP
Mermaid Warrior 300000 Green Tower

21F~50F 51F~80F

21F~50F: 3BP, 51F~80F: 2BP
Moon Rabbit 350000 Green Tower, Beast Tower

T4: 51~80F

T5: 1F~20F

T4: 51~80F: 3BP

T5: 1F~20F: 2BP

Asleid 400000 Beast Tower 1F~20F 21F~40F 1F~20F: 3BP, 21F~40F: 2BP
Chimera 425000 Beast Tower 21F~40F 21F~40F: 3BP
Gremlin 450000 Beast Tower 21F~40F 41F~60F 21F~40F: 4BP, 41F~60F: 3BP
Huldra 500000 Beast Tower, Temptation Tower

T5: 41F~60F

T6: 1F~20F

T5: 41F~60F: 4BP

T6: 1F~20F: 3BP

Pirate 550000 Temptation Tower 1F~20F 21F~40F 1F~20F: 4BP, 21F~40F: 3BP
Virgin Ghost 600000 Temptation Tower 21F~40F 21F~40F: 4BP
Weremouse 700000 Temptation Tower 41F~60F 41F~60F: 4BP
Apsara 800000 Temptation Tower, Wisdom Tower

T6: 41F~60F

T7: 1F~20F

T6: 41F~60F: 5BP

T7: 1F~20F: 4BP

Unseelie Court 900000 Wisdom Tower 1F~20F 21F~40F 1F~20F: 5BP, 21F~40F: 4BP
Wyvern 999999 Wisdom Tower, Ancient Tower

T7: 21F~40F 41F~60F

T8: 1F~80F

T7: 21F~40F: 5BP & 6BP, 41F~60F: 4BP, 5BP & 6BP

T8: 1F~80F: 5BP, 6BP & 7BP

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