Sports Tower 2 is the second part of the Sports themed limited period event tower.  It is open for seven days.

It featured the following rewards for clearing the respective floors:

20: Greater Demon Monster Coin x1, Light Essence(S) x2, Nature Essence(S) x2, Darkness Essence(S) x2

40: Humanoid Essence(S) x5, Undead Essence(S) x5, Wild Beast Essence(S) x5

70: Immortal Essence(S) x5, Spirit Essence(S) x5, Ancient Essence(S) x5

80: Werehawk  Monster Coin x1

100: Light Essence(M) x2, Nature Essence(M) x2, Darkness Essence(M) x2

120: Humanoid Essence(M) x3, Undead Essence(M) x3, Wild Beast Essence(M) x3

130: Immortal Essence(M) x3, Spirit Essence(M) x3, Ancient Essence(M) x3

160: Wraith  Monster Coin x1

180: Light Essence(L) x1, Nature Essence(L) x1, Darkness Essence(L) x1

200: Humanoid Essence(L) x2, Undead Essence(L) x2, Wild Beast Essence(L) x2

220: Immortal Essence(L) x2, Spirit Essence(L) x2, Ancient Essence(L) x2

250: Half Golem  Monster Coin x1

300: Free Gacha Ticket

350: D. Dwarf Golfer  Monster Coin x1

400: Free Gacha Ticket

450: Wendigo  Monster Coin x1

500: Free Gacha Ticket

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