Towers are Towers filled with monsters which you can fight. In most towers, when you defeat a monster it may drop as a Coin. Main Towers are unlocked one after another. Daily Towers change daily. Event Towers are for a limited time.

Main Towers Edit

Beginner's Tower

Silent Tower

Corrupt Tower

Green Tower

Beast Tower

Temptation Tower

Wisdom Tower

Ancient Tower

Daily Towers Edit

Sunday : Evolution Tower (Elemental), MonTowers Collab 01, Training Tower

Monday : Evolution Tower (Humanoid), Pinnacle of Evolution (Humanoid), Pinnacle of Evolution (Hellmode), Training Tower

Tuesday : Evolution Tower (Undead), Lethe of the Dead (Undead), Lethe of the Dead (HellMode), Training Tower

Wednesday : Evolution Tower (Wild Beast), Beast Oblivion (Wild Beast), Beast Oblivion (HellMode),Training Tower

Thursday : Evolution Tower (Immortal), (Immortal) Eternal Blessing, (HellMode) Eternal Blessing, Training Tower

Friday : Evolution Tower (Spirit), Festival of the Spirits (Spirit), Festival of the Spirits (Hell Mode) Training Tower

Saturday : Evolution Tower (Ancient), Ancient Ruins (Ancient), Ancient Ruins (HellMode), MonTowers Collab 01,

Queen Towers Edit

For a limited time MonTowers2 released a Queen Of set of Towers similar to the King Tower. Current spawn-time for them, is 12PM CET. Tower remains avilable for duration of 4 hours. These towers are usually guarded by very tough monsters that require high amounts of bp to challenge.

Monsters can drop at any of the floors here. This makes these a great spot for completionists who want to catch some of the mix monsters and normal tower monsters they might not have yet, as the drop rates here are much higher.

Sunday: (No Queen Tower)

Monday: Tower of the Humanoid Queen

Tuesday: Tower of Undead Queen

Wednesday: Tower of Wild Beast Queen

Thursday: Tower of Immortal Queen

Friday: Tower of Spirit Queen

Saturday: Tower of Ancient Queen

Limited Period Event Towers Edit

Limited Period themed towers appear for a period of seven days and are composed of 500 floors each. No coins are dropped randomly in the towers but beating certain floors always guarantees these rewards:

  • Monster coins of that week's theme are dropped by beating floors 20, 80, 160, 250, 350 and 450
  • Training materials of increasing size are dropped at floors 40, 70, 100, 120, 130, 180, 200, and 220
  • Free gacha coins are dropped at floors 300, 400, and 500/

There are two themed sets of limited period towers per month, each theme having two towers each, for a total of four limited period towers per month. Sometimes the same theme's towers will appear consecutively in the month, and in some months, they will alternate (e.g. Week 1: Bikini Tower 1, Week 2: Military Tower 1, Week 3: Bikini Tower 2, Week 4: Military Tower 2).

While a limited period event tower is live, unique monster coins from that tower's theme have a 500% increased chance of appearing in the gacha.

BP Cost and XP Yield Edit

BP costs to battle each monster increase every 100 floors

Floors BP cost per floor XP yield per floor
1-100 1 80
101-200 2 160
201-300 3 240
301-400 4 320
401-450 5 400
451-500 10 800

The Towers Edit

Weekly Event Themed Towers Edit

If you miss out on monster coins from the some of the limited edition event towers, you may attempt to capture them in the themed towers that appear weekly. Three sets of a theme's tower appear one day each week, each with an increasing difficulty level (Normal, Hard, Extreme). Monster coins may drop from each floor of these towers, following the same chances as their rarity level.

Military Tower

Sports Tower

Bikini Tower

Uniform Tower

MonTowers Collab 01

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