The Tower of the Humanoid Queen is a 6-floor tower that appears on Mondays. The tower has a high BP cost for each floor and rewards Humanoid Essence. The Shining Empress guards the top floor.

Floor Monster BP Cost Rewards Notes
1 Catos 20 Humanoid Essence (S/M/L)
2 Duelist 20 Humanoid Essence (S/M/L)
3 Half-Elf Assasin 20 Humanoid Essence (S/M/L)
4 Wizard 20 Humanoid Essence (S/M/L)
5 Dwarf Deep Lord 30 Humanoid Essence (S/M/L)
6 Shining Empress 40 Humanoid Essence (S/M/L)

Shining Empress

Standard attack is 15,000 points, regularly does over 20,000. Can do over 50,000 points in a single attack.